Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor  

Male Voice Over Artist
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA  

  • Active: 12 months ago

I am a professional working VO artist with extensive experience in Commercial, Narration, Corporate Narration, Educational, and Documentary projects.

I am an experienced Actor too so I can easily bring a character to life and am capable of sounding very natural and conversational as well as animated characters too.

My voice is mid-range with bass tones. I have a wide range from booming announcer to guy next door to character voices.

I tend to play the smart comic everyman with an edge. I have a dry sense of humor and I'm a native sarcastic speaker.

I have my own home studio in Los Angeles, CA. I can provide a professional read with a fast turn around.

I'm always happy to make a new client.

Many thanks!



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Brian Taylor - Hollywood UnCut CLIP - Narration
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